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Historical Jesus
by Glen Bencivengo - Last Updated Jun 29, 2016
The objective of this LibGuide is to introduce the student to the complex subject of "The Historical Jesus." Scholars and others hold strong views on this topic. There is debate about the personality and beliefs of Jesus, as this Guide will illustrate
Near Death Experiences (NDE)
by Glen Bencivengo - Last Updated Jun 29, 2016
Some individuals who have nearly died or who are considered clinically dead report traveling through a tunnel, approaching a light and seeing deceased beings.
RL 101 Comparative Religion
by Ken Karol - Last Updated Aug 30, 2016
This is the LibGuide for writing-intensive Comparative Religion. It will have some information that pertains to only WI students, but there is other information that should be helpful to anyone taking this course.
The Dead Sea Scrolls
by Glen Bencivengo - Last Updated Jun 29, 2016
First discovered in 1947, The Dead Sea Scrolls have provided invaluable information about the Essenes and early Christian beliefs