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Writing Intensive Courses
BS 101 Biology I
by Meg Sloan - Last Updated Sep 4, 2013
BS 203: Microbiology
by Eduardo Areche - Last Updated Jan 14, 2013
Citing Your Sources
by Elaine Goldman, Ken Karol - Last Updated Jan 23, 2018
This guide contains information on citation best practices as well as brief citation guides for both MLA and APA styles.
CT 101 Critical Thinking
by Mark Hillringhouse - Last Updated Feb 7, 2016
This LibGuide is designed to support the writing intensive (WI) section of CT 101 Critical Thinking in a Diverse World.
EN 205: Introduction to Literature
by Kelly Bender - Last Updated Aug 24, 2011
This guide complements the EN 205 course
ENS106 Public Speaking
by Caffie Risher - Last Updated Jan 16, 2018
HI 101 Western Civilization I
by Randy Jenkins - Last Updated Jan 9, 2013
This LibGuide will complement HI 101 and will provide links to websites, lectures, images and timelines.
HI 102: Western Civilization II
by Petar Drakulich - Last Updated Aug 12, 2010
This LibGuide will complement HIS 102 and will provide links to websites, lectures, images and timelines
HI 202 U.S. History II
by Rick Perdew - Last Updated May 12, 2015
This is a place for additional information for HI 202 OL.
HS 204: Group Dynamics
by Jennifer Gasparino - Last Updated Dec 13, 2017
PCCC Music Department
by Samuel "Frisco" Ayala - Last Updated Aug 31, 2015
PCCC Music Department Libguide Page Associate in Arts (A.A.) Degree Liberal Arts Musical Studies Option
PH 101 Intro to Philosophy
by John Fruncillo - Last Updated Nov 3, 2009
This course covers such basic questions as the nature of reality and the origins and limits of human knowledge and explores selections from both classical and contemporary philosophers.
PL101 Political Science
by Glen Bencivengo - Last Updated Jun 30, 2015
This course explores the rudiments of political science, the branches of government, political theory, ideologies, behavior, and socialization, and totalitarianism.
PS 101 Introduction to Psychology
by Lonna Murphy - Last Updated Dec 21, 2010
RL 101 Comparative Religion
by Ken Karol - Last Updated Aug 30, 2016
This is the LibGuide for writing-intensive Comparative Religion. It will have some information that pertains to only WI students, but there is other information that should be helpful to anyone taking this course.
SC 104: Environmental Science
by Martin Baranowski - Last Updated Mar 24, 2011
SO 101: Introduction to Sociology
by Sonia Brown - Last Updated Feb 4, 2013
SO 102 Institutional Racism
by V White - Last Updated Oct 9, 2017
SO 202: Cultural Anthropology
by Christina Burkart - Last Updated Sep 16, 2010
The Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) Tutorial Lab
by Gayatri Nehrusingh - Last Updated Oct 27, 2016
The EOF Tutoring Lab services students who participate in the Equal Opportunity Fund Program. It offers a diversified program of academic support for its students. The lab provides tutoring in basic skills, ESL, and certain college level courses.