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COL 103 for ESL  

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Monday, May 1st

You'll need to bring 3 things to the next/final class

___1. Final journal due. Journal 7: What I Learned in This Course

Write several (about 3 long or 4 medium-length) paragraphs focusing on what you've learned in College Success this semester. Focus on most or all of these points: 

  • ideas you had about college before the course (that might have been incorrect or incomplete) 
  • what you learned during the course...what has been most helpful (write about a few things, not just 1 or 2) 
  • what surprised you about the course (was it harder or easier than you thought? were you surprised by how it benefited you?)
  • what you plan to implement/incorporate into your life moving forward (any new strategies, techniques, etc)--explain them
  • your current level of motivation--are you more motivated than before? (I hope so). If not, explain....
  • what your future plans are (studying this summer? next fall? finishing a degree here? transferring?)

___2. A porfolio of all of the work you've done in COL 103 this semester

Two options for organizing it

Option A

Put all of the journals together in one place/section of your folder or binder....put the most recent one first and the oldest one at the back/bottom

Put all of the homework assignments together in one place/section of your folder or binder...put the most recent one first and the oldest one at the back/bottom

Put the projects at the back

Option B

Put each journal together with the assignments that you did along with it.....organize by unit/theme (everything about career together; everything about studying together; etc)

Put the projects at the back

Whatever you do when you  organize the portfolio, make it very easy for me to flip through. If it's easy, I'll give you more points. :) Please don't hand in something disorganized and confusing. That's not fun for the professor...ever. 

___3. Your academic planning form for the summer and/or fall OR your schedule (printed out) for the summer and/or fall. Put this in your portfolio, please--in a convenient place where I'll see it--maybe attach it to the back of the final journal entry? Yes, please do that! 




Old homework is found here


Link to Main COL 103 Site

Click here for the main COL 103 site (which has a LOT of information on it--pretty much everything you need.) 

STEM info here.

ESL Advisement Guide




Here's what you (should) have handed in to me so far. Click on the red link and download the document it if you don't have it. 

Journals (for a grade)

a. ___Journal 1: Autobiography (some of you wrote a mini bio the first class; this could be added to the bio to make it complete)

b. ___Journal 1aCareer/Info literacy project (the paper with the adjectives on the back)

c. ___Journal 2: Reflection on Will Smith video. (Click here to watch the video.)

d. ___Journal 3: How I Can Manage my Stress and Time Better

__Journal 3a Taking Responsibilty for Myself as a Student (ONLY for students who go a 0 and an absence on 2/20 for not doing HW) 

e. ___Journal 4: Reading (see previous homework for explanation)

f. ___Journal 5: Academic Planning (see previous homework for explanation)

g. ___Journal 6: Test Taking (see previous homework for explanation)


Other projects (for a grade) 

1. ___Library Project If you missed class the night of the library class, you'll have to work with a classmate on this or get help in the library. It's not too difficult, but you must do it.)




Worksheets (for homework credit) 

Make sure you've done all of this and that you're storing them in a portfolio, which I'll check later. If you missing any of them, click here to find what you need.  

a. ___Chapter 1 Worksheet: Change and Setting Goals (answers found in the book) 

b. ___Chapter 2: Worksheet: Engage (about motivation, Maslow, etc.(answers found in the book)

I did not collect this; put it in your portfolio, please) 

c. ___Worksheet 2: Will Smith Worksheet (which you worked on in class) 

I did not collect this; put it in your portfolio, please) 


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